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Smart battery charging and maintenance devices for vehicles from 6V to 24V

Especially when cars aren't driven on the daily, but spend most of their time parked, it is imperative to maintain their batteries. While driving, the generator provides an almost always fully-charged battery but over a longer parking period, a vehicle's battery discharges continuously. No matter if it is your second car, a classic car or your cabrio in hibernation – to guarantee a reliable ignition after a long period of standstill, the vehicle's battery should be maintained regularly.

Maintain your battery the way it deserves
Our OSRAM BATTERYcharge product range provides the ideal conditions for your vehicle's battery. The smart battery maintenance devices charge, protect and restore your vehicle's battery. Even with cool temperatures, your battery will be protected and automatically maintained after it is fully charged – until you can take your car out for a spin again. OSRAM battery charging devices can prevent the complete battery discharge and, thus, prolong its service life.

Full of fantastic features
Your BATTERYcharge product will certainly impress you with plenty of helpful features: All three battery charging devices are compatible with vehicles with start-stop-automatics and protect your car's battery against a complete discharge in winter mode. Lithium batteries are charged with a 7-step charging cycle, while the most common lead-acid/AGM batteries are charged with a safe 9-step charging cycle. As we are convinced of our products, we grant you a 2-year OSRAM guarantee* on all BATTERYcharge charging devices.

Easy handling, independent maintenance
All BATTERYcharge products are smart and very easy to handle. At the touch of a button, the devices start their multi-stage charging cycle and automatically switch to maintenance mode as soon as the battery is fully charged again. The large LCD displays with backlighting are easy to read, even in poor lighting conditions. As all units are equipped with reverse polarity and overvoltage protection, you can simply concentrate on other things after connecting a BATTERYcharge charger.

Suitable for many vehicle types
There are almost no limits to your fleet: while the BATTERYcharge 904 and BATTERYcharge 906 models can handle vehicles from 6V to 12V, the BATTERYcharge 908 charger can also handle vehicles up to 24V. Depending on the product, this includes motorbikes, most cars, vans and, in the case of the BATTERYcharge 908, even delivery vans and smaller trucks.

Overview of the OSRAM BATTERYcharge battery charging devices

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Product features

BATTERYcharge 904

BATTERcharge 906

BATTERYcharge 908

Charge rate (up to)4 Amps6 Amps8 Amps
Maintainance Charge (up to)2 Amps3 Amps4 Amps
Maximum battery size for charging 12V vehicles90Ah110Ah150Ah
Maximum battery size for charging 24V vehicles----70AMotorcycle, car, SUV, van, small truckh
Recommended to us Motorcycle, carMotorcycle, car, SUV, van
Start/Stop compatiblee with
No. of stages to load lead acid, AGM, EFB batteries999
No. of stages to load lithium batteries777
OSRAM guarantee2 years*2 years*2 years*

* Please refer to our guarantee pages for precise conditions